This work was driven by the desire to know a place and the people who live it, as a consequence of a fascination, and for me, the only way to capture this fascination was to become a fashion photographer.

Photography as a medium can reflect the surface of things; it can show what it is, free of judgment or verbal impositions.

In a photograph, every detail can move your imagination, a hint of a story, a small window from which every curious eye can peek.At the same time a distant look, enhanced by the serial nature of the work, shows how differences seem to disappear; the will to show yourself, reveals much more than narcissism.The skin becomes thinner and the boundary between the inner self and the outside is not so clear anymore.

In Sanità aesthetic stereotypes are distorted and amalgamated in social fabric. People life and interests don’t cross the border of the neighborhood, they are the main actors on a stage on the margins of capitalist society. Community life replaces the lack of institutions, individual is driven by everyday events, the absence of perspectives sometimes leads to oblivion, but also to live in the simplest way.

Despite I presenting my self as a fashion photographer, there is no intention to represent Neapolitans women outside of their daily lives, this also includes their pose, which is never imposed by me. My will is to show how beautiful and confident they seem every day, how normally they take care of their looks.

The mechanism underlying the fashion image doesn’t work here, there is no tendency to offer, no model to be desired. The result is not given by the opposite, this is not a exibition of “bad taste”, all that is shown adheres to the culture of the individual, the subject is the life itself, and the tenderness of everyday illusions, it is desire and not object of desire.


In 2016, after her bachelor degree at the Brera Academy in Milan, decides to move to Naples, looking for a life-force that Milan struggle to give back.

She attends two-year specialization in Artistic photography at the Naples Academy. In spring of 2017 she starts his project in Sanità neighborhood. Which over time takes shape oscillating between fashion photography and an anthropological gaze, she graduated in March 2019 with a research thesis that, starting from his photographic practice, carries out a critical analysis of the idols of mass society, but at the same time shows how, precisely through its aesthetic obligations and its cultural entertainment products, emerges all the sweetness of people’s daily life, their dreams and their expectations.