Dimeadon is the third edition from the collective SuperJodido. The collective is made by Venezuelans based in different cities like Caracas, Barcelona and New York. The idea was born during a long trip around Latin America made by the two Venezuelan authors. The central idea is the investigation of Latin American identity and how it has resisted (if it has done so) to the influence of foreign intervention and globalization. It contains photos from Buenos Aires, Sao Paulo, Caracas and Barcelona. The book is developed in three chapters, in the first; the authors seek to show the current state of Latin American identity by exploring the positive and negative aspects of being associated with a specific collective identity (either by oneself or by external agents). The second chapter; focused almost exclusively on the Venezuelan political situation; explores how Latin American identity reveals against itself while looking for new ways of manifesting in the modern world. In the third, the emphasis is on new ways of “being” Latin-American, and on a much broader plane in new ways of being identified with any collective. In times of extreme globalization the best way to resist is direct and local action, and the maintenance of the identity of small groups, this edition seeks to shine a light and put a face to this idea.