Raw and Rare chart the time that L.A.D. spent in Berlin which he has compiled into a narrative that illustrates his journey as a photographer indulging in the excess and the subsequent repercussions of a self-indulgent lifestyle.
After a short period of isolation, the photographer finds solace in his craft and uses his camera as a catalyst to reintegrate into social life and, subsequently, resulting in some fame and recognition for him and his art.
Again though, the photographer becomes involved in a world of decadence and overindulgence, though seemingly making a sincere connection that offers the novel a romance element.
This does not turn out to be the case though, a relationship ending coincides with a recognition that one inauthenticity has been replaced by another and that the photographer covets, not a success, but enlightenment.
With this in mind, he reconciles himself to himself as an artist creating art for the sake of art and this revelation is the promise of self-affirmation, metaphysical interconnectivity between form and function, content and creation that transforms the world into a sequence of images and a manifesto for his art.

Ludovico Andrea D’Auria is a Photographer and Art Director, born in Rome and based in London, but previously living in Berlin for six years where he started his career as an artist and fashion photographer.
His work has been published by some of the most influential international magazines, like Dazed, HighSnobiety and RollingStone to name a few, while his art As was exhibited in London, Berlin, Paris, Rome and Athens.