This is a photo zine about brutalist architecture in London. 
The aim of the zine is to display the beauty of brutalist architecture that was quite common in the UK during the 60s and 70s and that somehow has become a distintive sign of the British society.
During these decades the whole UK (London especially) faced the need of housing for all the people who lost their properties during WWII and for all the other people who came to London from abroad.
The advantage of Brutalism was that it was a quick and effective way fo building buildings and most of all, it was cheap. 
Cheap just like the majority of people who got moved into these flats. 
A proper example of social division imposed by the government. 
During the last few years, Brutalism has become extremely popular for all the people who are attracted by architecture (mostly middle class people) who now would pay a fortune to buy a flat in one of those rat traps that long time ago were simbolising the social diversity.
Quite ironic innit?
Photos by: Steppp and Sheila Johnston