Big Kids Table

Big Kids Table is a return to childhood naivety where I desired to be grown up. A state of longing to participate in the magic that happened just out of sight. Please join me in this place of possibility where the vessels are empty but ripe to be filled with the imaginary treats.

In these new artworks I’m exploring the domestic through western mealtime ritual objects. Evoking childhood mores and lachrymose moments of adulthood. Playfully the utensils are mismatched but related. Objects are bent to create a sense of secret discomfort. Amusingly things are stacked, adding tension while asking if things are held together through invisible ties.    

The images in Big Kids Table build on my previous investigations of color and objects communication with a personal, more refined approach. I created a space of quiet reflection that was mature enough to pay homage to the roots of the still life.

Edition data:
Tabloid (289mm x 380mm), 30 copies, 90 gsm bright

Timothy Hutto (°1981, St. Petersburg, United States) is an artist who mainly works within photography. Through the study of sign processes, signification and communication, Hutto touches overlapping themes of pragmatism and code through color theory and composition. Recurring subject matter can be recognized, such as mass-produced objects and their relationship with popular culture and media, working with recontextualization, the process of play and the investigation of  interpretation.

Referring to the metanarratives found in mass culture. Using color theory, plain objects and ambiguous linguistic messages a world where the commonplace rules and subverts is created. His subject matter comments on the everyday aesthetic of the American middle class.  Associations and meanings collide. Ready made objects become profound statements and image becomes commentary.

Characterized by the use of familiar objects in an atmosphere of vivid color in which meanings surpass the saturated presentation. He is informed by theories such as post-structural play, binary opposition and dissonance; he often creates work by imposing specific compositional rules on himself. Boundaries are a serious matter; Inside the frame different rules apply than in everyday life and everyday objects undergo transubstantiation.
His works question the everyday in the context of contemporary visual culture.

Timothy Hutto currently lives and works in New York City.