Funzilla festival is dedicated to photozine, its participation is free.

You can join the festival if your zines accord to the follow:

> the zines must have mainly a photographic content
> the zines must be self-productions
> they have to be sold at a low price

You can attend in person, coming in Rome for the festival, or send us your zines by airmail (in both cases you must complete the APPLICATION FORM).

If you send us the zines, we will then take care of the exhibit and sale. The material – maximum 5 copies per title – must be received no later than May 5 at the address specified in the APPLICATION FORM.

Funzilla doesn’t take any percentage on sales: the cash will be send to the authors only via Paypal (commission PayPal is on authors) in the weeks following the festival.

If there’re any unsold copies, they will be sent back by registered air mail (shipping costs charged to the author) in the weeks following the festival.

At the same time with the APPLICATION FORM, we ask you to send by email 3/4 jpg of your fanzines (web resolution – long side max 1024px) and a short biography in order to fill the web pages of the exhibitors on our web site.


Download the form in one of the formats listed below, fill it in and send to along with 3/4 jpg of the zines and a short bio:

> Word format (.docx)
> OpenDocument (.odt)
> PDF format (.pdf)