Giuseppe Scafidi was born in Palermo in 1986, then he moved to Rome and studied in different photography schools. He goes through places and history looking for the spots that still talk.

Maria Bauer, Catania 1992. She approached analog photography to explore her surroundings. To deepen her knowledge of the tool she moved to Rome were she attended a Master in photography and started several projects.

After working together on various photographic projects, they chose the way of d.i.y. as a way of communication and distribution against a hierarchical, exclusive, old and capitalistic photography.

Their production as ziners is made of:

– “Non c’è sconfitta nel cuore di chi lotta”, story of an occupied popular gym in the heart of Palermo;

– “Νόστοι” (ritorni) , a sentimental trip through the feelings of going away and coming back. It is about our land and all the difficulties that has and gives.

– “Teppa life”, flashes from the hardcore-punk scene in Rome.