Fábio Miguel Roque (b. 1985) photographer, publisher and curator. Born in Lisbon and based in Sintra, Portugal.

On his work we can notice a clear duality between documentary photography and also intimate and personal projects.

He makes the big part on his studies on I.P.F. (Portuguese Institute of Photography) between 2004 and 2007, and also several workshops in other portuguese institutions, like History of Contemporary Photography in Ar.Co.

He worked as a photojournalist at the beginning of his career, but for several reasons, he decided to focus on different subjects.

In the last years he made several solo and collective exhibitions both in Portugal and abroad, in places like US, Spain, Bulgaria, Poland, Italy and Germany. He was also shortlisted for some festival and awards, his projects are also in several publications from zines to books, between then “Hometown”, “South”, “I found fireflies in my dream, talking to a strange, drunk and dead man!”, “Awaken” and “Origin”.

He runs the project “Preto Books”, an independent publishing house focused on photobooks, and other kind of publications. Since the beginning of his editor career he already worked on more then 50 titles.

He is also member of Latent Image Collective, since 2014.

He is available for assignments, lectures and workshops, both in Portugal and abroad.

Represented by The Bid Art Space Gallery, Pesaro, Italy.

Publication Descreption:

silence (noun)

– Complete absence of sound.
– The fact or state of abstaining from speech.
– The avoidance of mentioning or discussing something.
– A short appointed period of time during which people stand still and do not speak as a sign of respect for a dead person or group of people.

– Should mourning be done in silence? There is a possibility of suffering for something that is not real? That never existed? Is it possible to shout out and be silent at the same time? Could the impact of something extreme be reflected in a totally new way in you? Is it possible to predict a human reaction to the feeling of pain? Loss of something? Or someone? There is life beyond death? Will we be silent during this transition? And for those who died before they were born? What happens in this case? I do not have answers, but I know there is silence in each one of us.

(This project was carried out and produced within a space of one week, one of the worst ones.)