We are Maria Bauer and Giuseppe Scafidi, both sicilian but from different cities, Catania and Palermo.

We began photographing in our cities but then moved to Rome to increase our knowledge of the photographic tool and of the darkroom. In 2015 we approached the phozines and d.i.y. world as a way of communication and distribution against an exclusive photography.

This time we’re bringing “Nostoi (ritorni)” and “Teppa Life” zines and a brand new called “Una storia romana”.

– “Νόστοι” (ritorni) , a sentimental trip through the feelings of going away and coming back. It is about our land and all the difficulties that has and gives.
– “Teppa life”, flashes from the hardcore-punk scene in Rome.
– “Una storia romana” a story about co.br.ag.or bio farm.