Handshake is a young and independent publishing house based in Spain, focused in the creation of books and printed media around the photography and image world.

We’re focused into visual research and youth culture. We look for collaborations between photographers and other creators of content to create unique and experimental editorial design projects, while having fun in the process.


Seventy-nine Polaroids

Seventy-nine Polaroids is a curated selection of polaroids taken by Héctor Pozuelo between 2015 and 2019. The images focus on pure nature, mixing portraits with landscapes and details, showcasing not only photoshoots with models -Héctor’s main vehicle of expression- but also more intimate diarylike photography

Drag a Line Between These Points

Drag a Line Between These Points draws a nostalgic portrait connecting the many pieces that forms the collective imagery of the american society

A Rainbow Full of Flowers

A Rainbow Full of Flowers. Photography by Paula Codoner, a project edited by Handshake. An intimate exploration through the spectrum of nature’s beauty resolving into a curated selection of photographs that work both as a photobook, and a poster collection.

We’ll Need Three Cabs For All These Guys

*We’ll Need Three Cabs For all These Guys is a collaborative photo-zine on a skateboarding / friends trip to the big apple edited by Handshake and sponsored by Lakajade. It is a story told from many points of view about this experience. In it you can find photographs and artwork by Alex Marco, Borja Gomez, Julio Mas Parra, Ruben Montesinos, Juan Gonzalez and Raul Roig. 
The name of the fanzine is given as a joke. The trip started being planned by a small group of friends, but thanks to the low cost companies it ended up bringing together a group of fifteen people. 

Thank You

THANK YOU is a photo-zine about New York city by Rubén Montesinos. 
While exploring NY, Rubén became a sort of journalist, trying to capture the unique essence of the city. This publication explores the different faces of the multicultural metropolis, through various concepts as religion, culture, everyday life, race, patriotism or appropriationism. The narration of the project flows between it’s pages and different attached postcards, working as an archive. Those extra images where things that interfered and changed in some way his idea about the city. At the end, THANK YOU is the product of a personal experience, a view of the city with a mix of the objetivity of some that doesn’t belong to this place, with the subjectivity of a fascinated tourist.

Everything’s Wrong But In The Right Place

Everything’s Wrong But In The Right Place is the result of a constant questioning to everything. And this time, we found our answers in skateboarding. 
This zine is a photography publication that wants to look beyond and deeply into youth and skateboarding culture, in a contemporary way. It’s self published and distributed by Handshake. But this could have never happened without our contributors, so we would like to thank them for the endless love they have shown.