I Saw the Photograph of You” 

“I Saw the Photograph of You” Is part sketchbook, part portraiture part, an act of love from Pax, who edited and designed it, to Gabriele who is the author behind the photographs. Largely shot in NYC over the course of the years, and populated with places, moments and people that proved to be meaningful for the authors “I Saw the Photograph of You” is a working photographer’s diary.

120 pages in color, unbounded, printed by fontegrafica edited by Pax Paloscia for crashbunny books, photographs by Gabriele Stabile, 2019.



Gabriele Stabile is a photographer that grew up professionally in New York. Widely published on many prestigious publications, Gabriele’s work has been shown in solo and group shows in galleries and museums. Together with his wife, painter and photographer Pax Paloscia, they are the minds and souls behind Raw Messina a studio gallery in Milan that also doubles up as nebulosa planetaria.