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FUNZILLA EXPO is a widespread and itinerant exhibition of photographic fanzines. The exhibition, which will be held mainly in the territory of Rome, will be hosted in a network of bookstores, associations, galleries, photography schools.

You can propose your fanzines for the Funzilla Expo on condition that:

● have mainly photographic content
● are self-produced
● are preferably published in the last year

A maximum of 3 different titles can be submitted (for each of them you will have to fill in a separate form). Participation is free. Admission is subject to selection, once the application has been completed you will receive a confirmation by e-mail and a request to send the zine. The requested material must be received by Tuesday 15 September 2020.


To participate, you must fill in the form below and send us two copies of the fanzine to be included in the Funzilla Expo circuit.

The fanzines will be only on display, there will be no sale. If the sanitary and regulatory conditions will allow to arrange a presentation event, the author can agree with the host space for a possible sale of the zine.

The copies received will not be returned.

One of the two copies of the fanzine will be destined for the great self-financing Final Lottery of the Expo.

You can send us the fanzines by post to the following address:

Alessandro Ciccarelli
Via Dogana Vecchia 5
00186 Rome

In the form, we ask you to attach 3 jpg of the fanzine in web resolution (long side max 1024px, max 800kb), a short statement describing your / your productions, a technical note of the edition (format, print run, papers, binding etc.) and a short biography.

The material will be used to promote your participation to Funzilla Expo on all festival channels.