Cinéma Fragile on paper is a return to the roots of (our) cinéma : all editions are made of still frames from our films, whether they are based only on observation, like Primavera & Printemps, or on narration like La Neige.

In the history of cinema, bringing the films from screen to print has been done from the beginning, like Riciotto Canudo publishing Abel Gance’s La Roue as a « cinéroman », thus bringing it to another dimension.

In our all-digital era, we feel very close to this spirit.


Katia Viscogliosi & Francis Magnenot work together since 2002.

They make short, medium and feature length films. Their Cinéma Fragile is not written in advance: based on observation, it is driven by the intuition of the moment, attentive to the appearing of beauty.

The shooting means are deliberately minimalist, the representation ways include classical and live screenings, publishing, exhibitions.

Their work has been seen in many international events