This project crosses and mixes street and travel photography. It’s a game that links broken memories with new interpretations. Collecting fragments and wondering what is concealed: it’s a serial investigation of the place, the human factor and the instant. The shot becomes a unifying gesture. Each image is itself a fragment, a small piece of a collection, that the viewer’s mind is solicited to complete.


I’m born in 1987, and I live and work between Padua and Venice.

My photographs are shaped by many influences, from my IT studies to my passion for sports, movies and travels. My fascination with photography goes hand in hand with my eagerness to discover the world. Every picture is a memory of a place, and at the same time it represents the will to make viewers aware of the mark that particular place have left in my own life.

The study of colours and compositions results from a constant confrontation with my wife Serena, an art historian with whom I’m married since 2013.

I also have a strong interest in street photography, of which I appreciate the instinctive nature. My aim is to make visible a cultural heritage that is gained with the only means of movement and curiosity about the different aspects of everyday life.

I shoot using both digital and films cameras, and I develop my films by myself in the attic of my house in Mirano.