Andrea Egitto was born in Catania on August 25, 1990, as a self-taught photographer.

After a hitch-hiking trip to the eastern countries, he decides to tell and tell the world through the camera lens. Passionate cinephile deepens the knowledge of the various styles of directing and begins its experimentation with the first exhibition “Avec la lumiere”, in correlation produces a short film in which the subjects are presented thus highlighting the character represented in photography and the true personality of the photographed subject.

“Complementary to confusion appears the vortex of my irrepressible and illusionistic, vital thoughts. I want to mirror myself in my photos, but also find the world of others, nourish myself with looks, observe the poetry that is in every shot. Giving an awareness to the looks of others. The language of indeterminate and evocative images, is endowed with signs that assume symbolic value in relation to the meaning we attribute to what we observe or to the value of the aims of communication. I also choose the short film as an artistic expression because it is the key to initial access to what is the wonderful world of cinema”.

The short film today is a reason for artistic experimentation because of the dry and very particular style that recalls the first era of cinema and the expressive model of some of the most illustrious exponents photography plays a fundamental role, being the main responsible for the final aesthetic aspect of the product.

DEBRECEN is an excerpt of photographs and fragments of life immortalized by a camera in direct contact. It takes life on a monthly basis through a photographic fanzine that shows in ODDZINE style that is “strange” unusual “” out of the box “a fairly introspective vision of what you normally get used to seeing, marking the most ambiguous and rooted part of something you do not see on the surface.

The principle is to give beauty even to the most uncomfortable part that is found in each of us and also to give the viewer the opportunity to enter in unknown and difficult to reach visual contexts.

The alternative of choosing what to imagine is the key that opens the doors of debrecen to new visual experiences. Photography finds continuity in the cinema, so the fanzine is always accompanied by a presentation video clip.

Gozo through my Eyes

If i had to describe gozo to someone I would call it the island of joy, tranquility and simplicity, an island in the heart of the Mediterranean in which to get lost and meet again. Gozo in my eyes is an uncontaminated place that has remained almost unchanged over time.

In this new project I want to valorize through an authentic vision what my mind has immortalized and perceived, that is the absence of social schemes, conventions, clich├ęs, barriers. With enormous visual creativity I want to dwell on what impressed me the most: simplicity.

You feel it in the air in people. A simplicity that brings us naturally to ourselves, what we really are and not what we appear to be.

A rediscovery in the era of the fast and progressive appearance that detaches us from small things, from the earth from nature, and makes us lose the sense of orientation.

In my previous fanzines I have always focused on complexity, often remarking the dark, obscure part of every place or circumstance. In this new exhibition I want to approach a purely positive vision and highlight gozo in its beauty and its simple aspects that can give our lifestyle well-being, empathy, desire for sharing, retracing an inner journey towards true human values by abandoning the conditioning and the material excesses of urban society.

The intent is to explore the universe of this island, in a Present time, Finding something almost impossible to grasp in the current youth ANESTHETIZED by a disoriented culture.