Almost all my life I am listening to his voice, sometimes confident and quiet, sometimes almost steel and is never late to our homes. And once a year, loads of people listen to a familiar voice. Is it a kind of performance? Perhaps it is. And it becomes more and more meaningless, but more horrible at the same time. By making huge country to face him, he has plunged it into the silence of his voice, but it was rather boring carnival for him – and now we hear this voice through the cold wind and silence over the country.

For eighteen years he has been spelling a big country with different words – but rarely his gaze finds something intimate – worthy of at least a shadow of a smile to appear on his smooth face.

Mr. President. V.V.P.

It is a well-known fact that he is loved by many, and one can try to prove this theorem of love inside the country, using a personal mobile phone and Russian equivalent of eBay…
In recent years, a new cult strengthened. Finding evidence of life success and power. And inside the country – once again things are multiplied by his name and words. His reflection creates new things again and again. It provides numerous senses – forming a new cult in a big north country. 

Alexander Chernavskiy

Born in 1981 in Moscow, Russia, Alexander Chernavskiy is a Russian artist, his career emerged in the wake of the influence of documentary traditions and contemporary art as the fields of his main interest. He is a magister of sociology (MPSU university). In 2010 he finished his secondary education in MSU (photojournalism), was a student through different international educational programs and workshops of «Fotodepartament» (S-Petersburg), in 2016 – School of Contemporary Art «Free Workshops» and is working as a freelance photographer and artist since then. He was working with Corbis, Demotix, DAD and TASS news agencies through the recent years. He is the member of Union of Russian Photo Artists since 2009. He was a participant of different festivals and exhibitions in Russia, Georgia, Belarus, Latvia, Ukraine, USA, Bulgaria, France, Greece, Belgium, Slovenia. In 2015 – 2017 he was a recipient of the scholarships of the Ministry of Culture of Russia. Recent years are closely connected with art documentary projects, including his first photo book «Alpha» in 2015, published by Dostoevsky Publishing in Amsterdam. In 2016-2018 he produced 6 new self-published photo books. His works were published by Privateonline, Sonder review, Snapdragon, Stoneboat, Raven Chronicles, Dodho, The Ocotillo Review in 2017.